Writing a Marketable book

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The definition is simple: A marketable book is one that can be successfully marketed, whether trade published or self-published. But that’s much more easily said than done, and it starts from a brilliant book idea that is capable of taking the market apart. And remember there is more than one market; there are literary agents, publishers, and readers. You need to blow the socks off all of them.

Charlie Wilson’s book shows you the how and where of doing this, and she writes from her experience as author, agent and publisher.

She shows you how to set about finding the big idea, how to translate that idea into book form whether fiction or non-fiction, whether trade published or self-published. And she also demonstrates how this will require a lot of marketing input from yourself at every stage.  But you must realise that working on a project like this will take over your life. You will simply never stop thinking of ideas and developing them in your mind.

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