Write a Novel and Get it Published

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Everybody says it: One day I’m going to write a book.  But, as many of us will know, it’s not that easy, and if you feel that you want to write a full-length novel you have a big task in front of you. Probably your best starting point is to read the Teach Yourself’s Write a Novel. It is structured to start with idea finding and then to move on to plot development, character building, and other factors such as viewpoint, setting and dialogue. The latter chapters deal with editing and also guide you through the world of agents and publishers.

All this is presented in accessible bite-size chunks with plenty of advice panels and checklists to make it easy to absorb what you are learning. And by the time you have read it all, you will have a very good sense of how to turn your idea into a published book and you will know how to go about it. Then you can start the real work

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