Words from the Heart, by Ian Barclay

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This book features a wide range of original poetry, readings and sayings, written especially for life’s defining ceremonies – weddings, baby namings and funerals. In addition, there is an extensive list of marriage vows and naming promises (some in a pick-and-mix format) to help you find those personal words that best express your most cherished commitments.

The works in the book convey powerful and poignant messages of love, admiration, respect and gratitude. The style and format of these is designed to empathise and engage fully with your loved ones and wider family and friends who will share with you in these ceremonies.

It is hoped this book will provide pleasant reading for you but, more than that, will become your guide to finding a voice when those precious occasions arise in your life.

The author has been a registered celebrant with the Humanist Society Scotland for more than ten years and has conducted hundreds of ceremonies, including legal marriages, baby namings and funerals. The inspiration for this book comes from his practical experience in conducting these ceremonies, allied to his lifelong love of writing poetry and prose.

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