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Twelve Thrilling Tales, by Rita Cheminais

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Monty Scott leant forward to accept a light from Tay Alan. The shot hit Monty Scott right between the eyes.

Twelve Thrilling Tales is a debut collection of imaginative short stories, featuring the darker side of modern life, with an added touch of humour. They include a diamond heist, international property fraud, kidnapping, accidental death, mistaken identity, identity fraud, poison pen letters, arson and murder by poisoning, being buried alive, explosion and assassination.

Each thrilling short story offers an unexpected twist in the tale, designed to grip the reader’s attention from beginning to end. The anthology of crime thriller short stories stir up the emotions of the reader as they embrace the popular themes of innocence, jealousy, malice, greed, conflict, justice and retribution; all the essential ingredients for a timeless, thrilling and most enjoyable read.

The short story collection is particularly appealing to those readers leading busy lives, with little time to read a full-length novel. They are perfect to dip into in free time, on a commute to work or during a holiday.

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