The Hub, by Beth Schluter

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Following yet another “war to end all wars”, Earth is devastated and mankind is almost extinct. High-tec missiles and unimaginable bombs demolish cities and nations, annihilating millions and rendering the entire Earth virtually uninhabitable. As if that wasn’t enough, an alien force sweeps through the countryside and ruined cities, burning what is left to a crisp, after stripping vast quantities of ore and minerals from the ground.

A small band of survivors living underground in an old abandoned mine they named “The Hub” begin to emerge after decades underground, hunting for scraps and scavenging for their community. To their horror, they are faced with something that mounts yet another threat to their very survival. A vast army of robots and a fleet of strange craft land on Earth and begin erecting unusual structures that bodes no good for the hapless humans. The story follows the struggle the survivors have in dealing with the new invaders and how they seek out any other survivors to aid them in their quest. But un-beknown to the survivors, not all is what it seems.

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