The Distraction, by Jason Michael

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Nikki Quintero, an agent from The Colombian National Police Special Operations Command, arrives in London and informs the National Security Agency that two Colombian assassins are on their way to London to murder an English Police officer.

The National Security Agency quickly identifies Brighton Detective John Ridge as being the policeman at risk and with Ridge’s help put in place a sting operation designed to lead to the arrest of the people involved in the conspiracy to murder him.

Working closely with Nikki Quintero, Ridge soon becomes distracted from the operation by Nikki, who has other things on her mind.

Ridge out jogging, on the Brighton Pier, is confronted by the giant Colombian assassin lying in wait for him at the end of the Brighton Pier. A violent confrontation takes place between the two men where there can only be one winner.

Ridge later discovers that the drug gang have kidnapped his family.

Can he beat the odds stacked against him and rescue his family, before the drug gang exacts their revenge?

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