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The Climate Change Murders, by David Kilner

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In disgrace and suspended, Cornish-born detective Skyla Merrick witnesses the first of the bizarre deaths while visiting Arthurs Bay, an Australian coastal fishing village with bigger ideas. The director of a local climate change research facility, Edwina Ling, is victim number one.

Skyla relishes the opportunity to restore her fortunes but false evidence and her personal demons deceive her and she chases the wrong suspect.

Then there is another, and then another death … Her one-time lover helps resolve her confusion and assists her pursuit of the murderer with renewed clarity.

Colleagues quietly follow their own investigations and pursue the money trail. And then there is the confrontation between the developers and conservationists…

When Skyla and local police officer Hugh Fitzpatrick bring their work together, she sees the solution.

But can she catch the killer?

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