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Speak Welsh Outside Class, by Dr Lynda Pritchard Newcombe

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Learners who succeed in class may lose confidence when using a second language in the real world. My book explains how to overcome anxiety when using a second language.
Although this book majors on Welsh learners most of the issues apply to all second language learning. Often learners do not lack ability but self-belief. Of recent years experts have become increasingly aware of the role of attitudes and anxiety in learners’ success and progress. Learners give up when the fun should be starting and join a long line of drop-outs.  My book offers advice on handling anxiety, building up vocabulary, working on accent and intonation, finding a mentor, imbibing the culture, sustaining motivation, using internet and media resources, time management, keeping a journal and crucially dealing with fluent speakers who:
·         speak too quickly
·         use dialect, slang and idioms
·         turn to English unnecessarily
·         treat learners with disdain.

Using examples from Bounce by Matthew Syed I stress the importance of regular practice for success in language learning as in other domains including sport, music and chess. I emphasise that anyone motivated to learn to speak a second language can do so if they are willing and able to put in time and effort.

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