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MacBoo and the Monster of Scab Hill, by Jean McIntosh

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MacBoo is a student ghost who fails his Academy exams and is banished to the ruined Scab Hill Castle to practise his ghostly skills. He has to overcome a series of challenges involving Baxter a runaway dog, Hamish a small hairy creature with a bad temper and Keepsie, an argumentative magpie. 

They’re all fearful of a rampaging monster called the Horny Golloch who lives near the castle and who threatens to eat them all. Despite serious misgivings, MacBoo is persuaded to help defeat the monster. In the process, he is forced to carry out two daring rescues. 

During the rescues he has to develop and use the skill of becoming invisible. This takes a monumental effort of concentration and his confidence grows. In order to defeat the monster, MacBoo decides to try shape-shifting into a triceratops. This proves a significant challenge and he makes a few mistakes. Eventually with the help of his companions and a cunning plan involving a lot of food, the monster is lured from his lair. MacBoo, in his triceratops shape, fights the monster bravely, wounds him and chases him far away. He returns to his Academy triumphant.

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