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Love at Close Range, by Peggy O’Mahony

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Another story from the Sunshine Cafe.

Chloe has been in love with her sister’s husband Neil ever since she can remember. Once, long ago, they made a mistake which she never wants to repeat. Now her sister Tess is in hospital far away in the United States and Neil is asking if she can come to Ireland and help look after the children until their usual babysitter returns from Australia. Chloe jumps at the chance despite pressure from her boss and despite her resolve to see as little of her brother-in-law as possible. Will she ever get over her infatuation for Neil and find true love with someone else? Her sojourn in Ireland ends in a way she could never have imagined.

When Deirdre’s husband Steve left her for a younger woman some years before she vowed that she would never again let a man into her life. She concentrates all her energy on The Sunshine Café which she runs with her best friend Ginny. Then she meets Jonathan and falls in love. But there are many dark shadows threatening to ruin her happiness. Should she trust herself and Jonathan to make the right decision?

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