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In the Shadow of the Tower, by David Menon

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‘It’s sometimes good for a writer to change the location of where you set your stories. I already had a successful series of detective fiction set in Manchester with DSI Jeff Barton so I decided to diversify and begin a series set in Blackpool.’

Blackpool is a town with a big, brash front but behind all that is a seething mass of social problems. People run to the seaside with their problems believing they’ll be made better and I wanted to make my detective someone who’d ran way too. DCI Layla Khan ran from an arranged marriage, she’s been disconnected from her family back in the Midlands, but she’s pulled herself up and established a thriving career and a strong relationship with her boyfriend Steve. So how does she approach a case in which two teenage prostitutes have been murdered and a sample of blood has been taken from each of the victims? And how does she react when a hand from her past reaches through the years and threatens everything?

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