How to Write A Romance Novel

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Susan Palmquist is a very successful romantic novelist. In fact, she is two successful romantic novelists – she also writes under the pen name Vanessa Devereaux. She has now written How to Write a Romance Novel  firstly to share with fellow writers what she has learned during her career, and secondly to serve as an inspiration for them.

Her book has a great deal to say about the creative demands of romantic fiction and how basic idea finding, plotting, characterisation and dialogue can be shaped to meet those demands.

She also has separate chapters devoted to such subjects as techniques for creating emotion and the role of sexual tension. Many writers are uncomfortable with writing sex scenes, but Susan shows that you do not need them; if your writing conveys all the senses it can make every page smoulder. The way a woman tosses her hair can create plenty of sexual tension if it is written the Susan Palmquist way.


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