Here Be Dragons, by Anne Wilson

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Anna, a writer who draws inspiration for her fairy-tale characters from her assorted friends and acquaintances meets Nils, a Danish farmer turned restaurateur.

Seeking inspiration for her dragon character Anna visits Nils’ cave-house in Mallorca. A relationship develops between them but a primeval Norse dragon which possesses the power to manipulate fate rises larger than life and infiltrates Anna’s dreams.

When Anna’s employer falls from his rooftop terrace it sparks a chain of events leading Anna and her friends, Jane, a reporter, and her partner Zhu, a therapist, to become uneasy over the disappearance of Nils’ ex-wife Eva who was an artist. Nils also appears to be hiding something behind a locked door at the back of the cave-house.

A series of clues generated by local gypsies, a fortune teller and Eva’s paintings all lead nowhere until the friends eventually think the mysteries are solved; but are they?

Nils has a dark past and Viking blood and the dragon as an agent of fate has a hidden agenda. His influence inspires Anna to begin writing a new novel, a murder-mystery, using Nils as her main character inspiration and setting it on a farm in Denmark.

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