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Game, Set and Love Match, by Maggi Heath

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Gabriella Devonshire is one independent, feisty young lady. However, as her boss and friends point out, she has failed to find a soul-mate with whom to share her life and really ought to try harder to find that ‘Mr Right.’ Perhaps her job as an analyst makes her too critical? Perhaps she needs to think less and follow her heart wherever it takes her. But where might that lead? And with whom?

Encountering various men who are definitely in the Mr Wrong category, and have to be dumped by whatever means, she begins to wonder if her search will be fruitless. But having returned to the local tennis club she frequented as a teenager, she meets two very different men who have the potential to become that really special person in her life. But is it time to throw caution to the wind with either of them? And perhaps neither of them is the ultimate ‘Mr Right’ after all.

Game Set & Love Match is a delightful romance, set against the background of a small town tennis club, with its own cast of characters and the heady atmosphere of long, summer evenings.

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