Dark Sky, by Cyan Brodie

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21-year-old Matt Neilson is under pressure. Two of his pals owe a local drug supplier more than £5,000. Slippy doesn’t do sale or return so Matt agrees to drive the pair to Inverness on a trading mission. But now there’s a Polish girl in intensive care suffering from a suspected drugs overdose. So when the police turn up at his home Matt does a runner.

Within hours, while lying low in an Ullapool bar, he sees his sister’s face on TV. 16-year-old Caddy Neilson has been found strangled in the back of the school bus.

The police are quickly able to identify the murderer – one of Matt’s drug-dealing buddies – and establish a motive for the crime. However, with the killer still at large Matt and his sister’s best friend, Amy Metcalf, become increasingly concerned the circumstances surrounding Caddy’s death are not as clear-cut as everyone thinks.

When they finally uncover evidence that the schoolgirl had become embroiled in a major crime Matt and Amy face a race against time that not only jeopardises their growing relationship but also puts their own lives at risk.

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