Cutting Words, by P.A. Laver

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Assistant editor Annie McGuire has just been given the assignment of a lifetime. Her boss, the senior editor of fiction at McMahon Martin Publishing, wants this 27-year-old English expat to edit one-time-blockbuster-author James Raymond’s new book. Annie doubts if she is up to such a challenge, not that she has a choice. It is time to step up to the ranks of a senior editor, or get out of the way and give someone else a go. This is America and it’s called Yankee opportunity. Should be fine though, after all, she is trained, qualified and experienced – right?

Maybe not, because Annie is totally oblivious to the intrigues, manoeuvrings and politics of how the motorbike riding, egomaniac author was enticed away from his old publisher. When two ambitious chief editors of opposing New York publishing houses go to war there is bound to be collateral damage. And those rumours that James Raymond’s new manuscript is a dog just won’t seem to go away. Well, at least not while his agent is saying them! If this were a fairy-tale, then our Cinderella is in for a rough, tough time. Or could this be the making of Annie McGuire – the little mouse that roared?

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