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Creative writing prizes: Mini-MOLPs from Magic Oxygen

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The environmentally aware indie publisher is running a series of monthly eco-themed writing competitions

Each Mini-MOLP contest will have a theme inspired by an environmental awareness campaign and will run for a calendar month. The winner of each monthly contest will get £80-worth of Magic Oxygen books and a special prize that will be revealed in the final week of each contest. Every entrant will have a tree planted in the Magic Oxygen Word Forest at Kundeni School in Bore in Kenya and will be sent the GPS co-ordinates for their tree.

The monthly Mini-MOLPs are:

• April: Letter to the Planet (350 words, closes 30 April), be inspired by Earth Day or National Gardening Week

• May: Eco Flash-Fiction (250 words, closes 31 May), be inspired by World Biodoversity Day or International Dawn Chorus Day

• June: Sonnet for the Solstice (14 lines, closes 30 June), be inspired by World Environment Day or World Oceans Day

• July: Postcard from the Park (200 words, closes 31 July), be inspired by National Parks Week or National Tree Day

• August: Last Words Monologue (400 words, closes 31 August), be inspired by World Honey Bee Day or World Elephant Day

Each Mini-MOLP entry has a fee of £3.50.

The winners will be announced the week after the monthly contest has closed. Winning entries will be included in the 2017 Magic Oxygen Literary Prize Anthology.


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