Closure, by David Magee

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Jack Brennan, a former SAS operative turned private investigator is hired by Roisin Byrne to find her missing husband,Tony, a Belfast Catholic who chose to have Protestant friends.

All legitimate efforts to find Tony have uncovered no leads, and out of desperation Roisin approaches Jack, unaware that his means are not always legitimate.

Despite serious misgivings Jack is quickly consumed by the case, causing serious mental anguish for his ever suffering partner Judy, who, believing paramilitaries are involved, fears for his safety.

Jack’s investigation soon leads him into the hostile and murky back-streets of Belfast where he encounters Joe Devlin, a fringe IRA activist and formidable adversary who is determined to thwart his investigation.

With Devlin impeding his progress at every turn, Jack’s obsession with the case is fracturing his personal and professional life, but he doesn’t care, he will find Roisin’s husband, whatever the cost, whatever the outcome.

Disregarding official warnings, including serious resistance from the local parish priest, Jack succeeds in resolving the case. However his success invites serious repercussions for the missing man’s wife, and a heavy burden of regret for everyone involved when she unexpectedly and quite callously seeks retribution.

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