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How Workshare Met the Security Needs of Our Lawyers and IT Staff

Handling highly sensitive information and documents can be challenging, especially for regulated companies who must comply with specific regulations and manage reputational risk. Having worked at a number of law firms—large and small—data security is critical. That said, today’s users expect the same intuitive applications they’ve become familiar with in their personal lives at work,…

How To Prevent A Security Breach

Clients trust you with personal, financial, and legal information that needs to be kept confidential. A security breach may let out secrets and proprietary information that can damage your clients’ reputation, business, or finances. Worse, such an issue may not only lead to a termination of your relationship with the affected client but others who…

Multi-Factor Authentication is Effective and Easy to Use

You have probably heard horror stories about people whose personal accounts were hacked or companies that suffered data breaches that exposed customer information. The personal and business repercussions of an account being hacked range from minor inconvenience to major embarrassment, a damaged reputation, and financial loss. And for those of us in the legal profession,…