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Writing TV Scripts

A would-be scriptwriter writer prepares an original thirty-minute script for a television drama or soap opera and sends it to a list of television producers. The script acts as their ‘calling card’ which aims to convince the producer that they are worthy of serious consideration for whatever project the producer may have in mind. It…

The Lifestyle Writer

What is lifestyle writing? In her new book, Sarah-Beth Watkins describes it as writing that focuses on things that are important in our lives. And that covers a long list: child care and raising a family; health issues; human relationships; hobby interests; holidays and travel; food and cooking; furnishings; running the home; the list goes…

Writing Your Way

‘Writing Your Way’ shows readers how to create their own unique writing process. The book takes readers through the five stages of the creative process: idea, gather, organize, draft, and revise. And shows writers many ways to do all five stages, thereby allowing them to customise their own writing process and get their ideas down…