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10 Things Every Litigant Should Know About Litigation Finance

In recent years, litigation financing has seen an increasing popularity for entities ranging from small startups to multinational firms. Most people know litigation financing as the process in which a third-party company provides advanced capital to cover litigation costs in exchange for a return on any judgment or settlement. But litigation financing can also be…

Juries and Social Media (Free book excerpt from “Social Media as Evidence”)

Excerpted and adapted from Social Media as Evidence: Cases, Practice Pointers, and Techniques, now available from LPM Publishing. The Use of Social Media to Conduct Research on Jurors In addition to researching individual jurors, parties should also consider social media research to discover trends of thought, attitudes, opinions, and the like among the jury pool in the area, particularly in…

10 Things Attorneys Should Know About Digital Forensics

It’s “Quick Tips” week here at Law Technology Today!  This week take a moment to reflect and rediscover some of the great posts you may have missed out on in 2015! Nowadays, the great majority of legal cases involve a digital forensics component that, if properly uncovered and examined, has a great chance of helping your case. An…