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Mum Buys Seven-Year-Old Daughter Bracelet-Making Kit, Soon Regrets It

A mum who bought her daughter a bracelet-making kit didn’t realise it would be an opportunity to unleash the seven-year-old’s love of toilet humour. Reddit user GordonTrue left her daughter to put together her beaded band without supervision. So of course the girl decided to include some words on there that her mum wouldn’t expect. ”FART LOUD” she…

Toys ‘R’ Us To Hold Christmas Shopping Events For Families Affected By Autism

Toys “R” Us has announced it will be holding additional Christmas shopping hours specifically for families affected by autism and special needs.  The toy shop hopes to provide a positive experience for children with autism, who may struggle under normal conditions in store. Lights will be slightly dimmed and fluorescent lighting will be reduced where…

Pregnancy Announcement: Eviction Notice Pinned To Cot Is Sending People Into Hysterics

A couple decided to reveal they were expecting their second child by evicting their youngest daughter out of her cot. The hilarious announcement, shared on Twitter by @gxldpevrls, shows a notice pinned to the side stating the little girl’s “only child status” will expire within 18 weeks. “Please take further note that you are required to vacate the…