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Cashmob support for Big Green Bookshop

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Supporters, each ready to spend at least £10, will converge on the independent bookshop in London’s Wood Green on Sunday

With a ‘shop local’ ethos, a cashmob is a group of people who arrange to support a local business in a fun environment.

‘This much loved independent bookshop run by Simon and Tim is a centre for all sorts of local activity – from author talks, children’s events, comedy nights, board games, knitting and so much more,’ posted cashmob organiser Richard McKeever on his blog.
‘Not resting on their much deserved laurels BGB has plans to run a Wood Green Literary festival during 2013,’ Richard continued. ‘Yet its public recognition is far wider than us local folks – recently the Independent newspaper identified the Big Green Bookshop as number two in the UKs Best Bookshops.’

For London-based supporters of indie bookshops who’d like to join in, cashmobbing at the Big Green Bookstore will take place between 2pm and 2.30pm.

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