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Axel America and the US Election Race, by Andy Luke

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Is it 1776, or 1984?

No, it’s 2016 – though Axel isn’t sure.

Axel single-handedly runs Truth Live, a patriotic freedom-loving news site with a cult following.  His obsession with the corrupt globalist elite  tests his relationship with his family, and in election year, those bonds are about to snap.

Morgan Rump is a major shareholder of Faux News, a multi-billionaire and possible future President.  His name is known in every city and he has the CIA on retainer. However, his corporate machinations are under threat from Axel , who soon discovers the dark forces he’s been warning about are coming for him.

Set against the backdrop of the 2016 American election, this is the hilarious tale of a conspiracy theorist leading his family down the New World Order rabbit hole. Two children are pushed to breaking point, and a corporate network battles a man of the people, neither stopping for less than total domination.

Axel America is full of biting satire, realist documentary and critical news media analysis, as well as time travel and robots. Its sideways surrealism will have you howling uncontrollably as if part of some weird Illuminati ritual.

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