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Writing a Play

Playwriting has parallels with screenwriting in that structure is very important, and you start by deciding on your theme. The theme is the deep subject that you are exploring, and once you can describe this in a single sentence you are on your way. Structure then becomes the framework on which you build your characters…


Inspiration Month: Day 5

Throughout the month of June, we’ll be posting you a daily creative writing prompt. Sometimes these will be a single word, sometimes a storyline to follow. It might be an exercise, it might be an idea to get you started. Make sure you check back every day for your new prompt, and let us know…

Here Be Dragons, by Anne Wilson

Anna, a writer who draws inspiration for her fairy-tale characters from her assorted friends and acquaintances meets Nils, a Danish farmer turned restaurateur. Seeking inspiration for her dragon character Anna visits Nils’ cave-house in Mallorca. A relationship develops between them but a primeval Norse dragon which possesses the power to manipulate fate rises larger than…