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Four Qualities Modern Corporations Need in Their Legal Teams

There is plenty to be said about how the litigation attorney’s day-to-day has evolved with the advent of big data, increased litigation, and high-tech e-discovery. Undoubtedly, in-house legal teams have undergone the same evolution—so how has this changed what the modern corporation needs from its legal department? In short, a highly effective in-house team requires…

Cybersecurity for Macs

If you have a Mac, you might think you’re safe from viruses and hacking. In reality, Mac users still fall victim to malware, adware, and other schemes that can easily slip through the cracks if a user isn’t careful. In this episode of Digital Detectives, hosts Sharon Nelson and John Simek talk to Tom Lambotte,…

Ethical Pitfalls in Social Media Research, Discovery, and Communications

The New York City and State Bars,30 the Philadelphia Bar31 and the San Diego County Bar32 Associations have provided a number of relevant Discovery of Social Media guidance opinions surrounding issues related to performing research using social media. General Research First, it is perfectly acceptable to search and access social media sites that are freely accessible. The New York Guidance…