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Information Security Threat: Technological Exploits

In my last article, we discussed the first of three security threats in this series, social engineering and the human element. While the social engineer operates as a hybrid between human and technological weakness, pure technical threats exist as well. These threats involve many forms of technology systems: computers, smartphones, printers, security systems, networking equipment, data…

What’s Your Score?

Few small law firms can keep up with cutting-edge technologies (big data mining, anyone? predictive analytics?) But a new Small Law Firm Technology Survey and Analysis lets you level-set your technology use realistically alongside other firms your size and overall practice type. Enter your firm profile—size, type(s) of matters—and answer a few questions about how…

The Growing Calls for Bit Licensing in the Wake of Global Cyberattacks

In recent months, hackers executed a global cyberattack, reportedly attacking over 150 countries, including public and health care systems and individual computers. The attackers demanded payment in bitcoin to unlock computers and return the data. Bitcoin is a non-conventional, decentralized cryptocurrency, based on open-source software invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. All bitcoin transactions are stored…