Always and Forever, by Carol Probyn

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Vivacious but naïve Lydia Winters is a teacher in the village school in Claines, Worcestershire. When her brother comes home from Oxford bringing his handsome, charming friend, Jack Albright, son of a Member of Parliament, they fall deeply in love. But it is l914 and social constraints of the time mean their love must remain a secret. When the boys go to war, impetuous, passionate Lydia is desperate to follow. She runs off to London to join the Voluntary Aid Detachment, inspired by Jack`s formidable suffragette cousin. While the boys experience the hell of the trenches, Lydia nurses in France experiencing her own horrors.

There are periods of respite when the beautiful and brave Lydia faces other temptations. How can a forbidden love survive in such circumstances?

Set against the background of the peaceful English countryside, the luxurious homes of the upper classes and the charnel house of the battlefields, this is a story of courage, hope and undying love.

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