Writing male characters for romance novels

Dominated by women, as both readers and writers, romance still needs strong male characters. So how do you write male characters for romance novels? Author Richard (RJ) Gould, explains. When it comes to the genre of romance, women dominate. Most romance writers are female, most readers are female, and plots predominantly centre on the female…


Short story competition: The Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Award for Imaginative Fiction

  Stories are invited from writers all over the world for Rosebud magazine’s biennial contest, which has a $1,000 first prize Original, unpublished works of sci-fi, horror, fantasy and mystery are accepted, but also imaginative works that take literary and creative risks and go beyond the boundaries of genre. All entries must be under 5,000…


Writing TV Scripts

A would-be scriptwriter writer prepares an original thirty-minute script for a television drama or soap opera and sends it to a list of television producers. The script acts as their ‘calling card’ which aims to convince the producer that they are worthy of serious consideration for whatever project the producer may have in mind. It…